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Become the Floss Boss

  Become the Floss Boss   Why should you tie flossing in to your daily routine? Flossing is a very important oral hygiene practice. Cavities and gum disease can develop when plaque sits on your teeth. It has been proven that more than 500 bacterial species are found in plaque; some good, some bad for […]

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Fluoride, Fluoride, Fluoride

Fluoride, Fluoride, Fluoride Fluoride helps adults and children. Fluoride helps remineralize weakened tooth enamel & aids in reversing early signs of tooth decay. Dr. Alrez always recommends in-office fluoride rinses for any patient with a high to moderate risk of decay. At our office we have two types of fluoride, a topical fluoride which is […]

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Pregnancy Dental Tips

Pregnancy Dental Care Tips   You think you may be pregnant, but it’s still early, should you tell your dental professional? Yes. Let your dentist know any medications you may be taking & how far along you may be. How will Pregnancy affect my mouth? Most women will make it 9 months with no dental […]

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White Spots

White Spots An often question we get is, ” Can we do something about these white spots?” Answer is, Most likely, “YES.” Before & After Icon was preformed! The procedure requires no drilling or anesthesia Not just minimally invasive dentistry. . . micro-invasive! At Alrez Family Dentistry we try everything to make our patients happy and feeling confident.

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Frequently asked Dental Hygiene Questions

When we interviewed a Trusted Hygienist, this is what she had to say…. 1.)  What can I do to improve my brushing skills? For manual brushing: tilt the toothbrush bristles at a 45 degree angle toward gum line; create small circular motions with light pressure. For electronic brushing: Brush will spin or vibrate up and […]

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What is a Dental Sealant? A sealant is a protective coating that is designed to protect bicuspids and molars from cavities on the chewing surface. When should my child get a sealant? Sealants act as a preventative measure against tooth decay. As soon as your child’s permanent molars erupt we can place a sealant, this […]

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