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Maximize Your Dental Benefits

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dental-benefitsAt Alrez Family Dentistry, we want to make sure you get the most out of your dental benefits so you get the best treatment possible. In order for you take advantage of all unused benefits, we’ve come up with 5 reasons you should maximize your dental benefits.

  1. Yearly Maximum

Your dental insurance company allots you a yearly maximum to pay for all of your dental work within the year.  If you have unused benefits at the end of the year, they will not rollover. Be sure to use all of your benefits while you can.

2. Deductible

The deductible is the amount of money you must pay out of pocket before your insurance company will begin paying for your dental work. When your plan rolls over, your deductible starts again. It may not pay off to push back dental procedures.

3. Premiums

Even if you don’t need dental treatment, you should still schedule regular cleanings to use your benefits. You’re already paying your premium each month and these cleanings can prevent gum disease , cavities, and oral cancer.

4. Dental Health

If you delay dental treatment, your problems could worsen. By putting off your trip to the dentist, you could be risking more expensive and extensive procedures.

5. Flexible Spending

If you don’t use your flexible spending balance by the end of the year, that money is gone. Don’t let it go to waste while you’re in need of dental treatment or cleaning.


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Have your Best Valentine’s Day

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Check out These Tips on How to Make your Valentine’s Day the Best it Can Be

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means you will want to look your best for your date, whether your significant other is your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, or spouse. Since your smile is one of the first things your special someone will notice, it makes sense to want it to look as good as possible. Not only will you want to have your own smile to be its whitest, brightest, and aesthetically pleasing, but when giving a gift to your loved one for Valentine’s Day, you’ll want to be sure that you give gifts that aren’t going to cause them more dental problems, like sugary sweets!

Candy and Valentine’s Day

Candy and Valentine’s Day seem to be synonymous, making it a challenge to choose candies that aren’t filled with sugar. But some types of candies are worse than other — for your teeth and your health. So if you still want to get your sweetheart sweets, be smart about it. The type of candy to avoid is anything sour, sticky, and sweet. Sour candy can be especially detrimental because the acid can eat away at teeth enamel. Instead, as long as your significant other isn’t diabetic, turn to chocolate and softer sweets like peanut butter cups or soft chocolate pieces for this occasional indulgence for Valentine’s Day.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

If you are looking to improve your smile before Valentine’s Day, it’s time to put your plan in motion. For a last minute smile improvement, the best choice is teeth whitening. There are various types of whitening options, some of which are done in just an hour. And most new whitening methods don’t cause sensitivity, which means the teeth whitening can be done right before Valentine’s Day. If you have about a month or more before your special Valentine’s Day celebration, consider getting veneers to perfect your smile.

Tips for a Better Smile

There are also some general tips that help keep your smile looking beautiful for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Besides following regular dental care daily, you should also be careful how much sugar you eat and drink, as it can cause discoloration of the teeth and add to tooth decay. Eating healthy foods and drinking plenty of water is always better for your teeth.

Tips for Sweeter Smelling Breath

If you are concerned about bad breath — and fresh breath is a priority on Valentine’s Day — use mouthwash daily with fluoride. Brushing your tongue and flossing at least once a day also helps to keep your breath sweet smelling. Be sure to see your dentist regularly, because gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontal disease can contribute to bad breath.

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