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Had my second appointment today because of some issues. Dr. Alrez is so good and kind and a wonderful dentist. She explains exactly what she is doing and makes sure you are in no pain. I won’t go to any other dentist and am really glad I found her when I did. She is the kind of dentist that will go to the ends of the earth to help you. If you are looking for a new dentist, she’s the best!!!

~Tina L. (September 2018)

I brought in my daughter for her first dental appointment. All the staff were great, making her feel welcome and special. They explained everything that was going on, and even played Elmo on the screen to make her comfortable. Dr. Alrez was so nice and didn’t push anything, making it easier for my daughter. In the end, she even allowed a basic procedure to be done (fluoride on the teeth) because she felt excited to do it. Thank you for making our first trip special and not scary!

Dani C. (August 2018)

Dr. Alrez and the staff made me feel very comfortable & confident with their exceptional professionalism and detailed attention to my complex dental situation. So glad I found this provider.

~Susan P. (August 2018)

Dr. Alrez and her staff worked very well together to make me feel as comfortable as possible, considering that I am not favorable to the whole dentist visit experience. I can’t say enough about their professional manner and expertise. I’m grateful to everyone in her office for their great work.

~Tom W. (August 2018)

Love this place! They take it the extra mile with care and consideration. They’ll get to know you and your family and are very friendly.

~Jenny G. (August 2018)

Dr. Alrez and the entire dental team truly care about their patients. Outstanding, high-quality dental care. My entire family receives care at Alrez Dentistry, we love it there!

~Jill T. (June 2018)

Absolutely LOVE this dentistry! Dr. Alrez and her staff are second to none. I have been going for almost 8 years now and just took my 3 year old for his first dental appointment and they were WONDERFUL with him. So kind, gentle, and accommodating. Dr. Alrez takes the time to talk with you and takes interest in your life. Highly recommend ❤️

~Caylyn T. (June 2018)

So glad to have found Alrez Family Dentistry! They treat me like family.

~Joe O. (June 2018)

I have been going to Alrez Family Dentistry for several years now. They are amazing and truly treat you like family! I have been to many dentists before I moved to the area and have had my share of dental work done. I put all of my trust in Dr. Alrez and the dental work she does. Her entire staff always does an amazing job as well. The office is also very beautiful and comfortable. I recommend AFD to my friends and family often and I don’t plan to ever switch dentists!

~Julia W. (June 2018)

I like Dr. Alrez and her team. Dr. Alrez and her team always takes the time to explain the tools, techniques, and methods she is using. Natasha always reinforces and demonstrates that you are in honest great hands, and is a genuine professional who cares. I like them alot. Plus they play great music.

~Ben A. (June 2018)

Absolutely LOVE this dentist! Dr. Alrez and her staff are second to none. I have been going for almost 8 years now and just took my 3 year old for his first dental appointment and they were WONDERFUL with him. So kind, gentle, and accommodating. Dr. Alrez takes the time to talk with you and takes interest in your life. Highly recommend!

~Kaylyn T. (June 2018)

I have never felt more comfortable going to the dentist. Dr. Arlez and her staff are experts in the field. They listen to concerns and do all that’s possible to accommodate their patients. I would, and have, recommended them highly.

~Karen T. (June 2018)

All of the staff at Alrez Family Dentistry are super friendly and work so well together. They are very particular with detail and take the time to explain everything so that patients are in the know. I highly recommend!!!

~Emily D. (June 2018)

My experience is that I get anxious and they are extremely accommodating and understanding. Very professional and talented office with a focus on the patient.

~Russ S. (June 2018)

Every time I go to Alrez Family Dentistry, I’m amazed by how nice all the people are. They really treat me like family, and are always eager to ask me about things going on in my life. The cleanings are always quick, and thorough, and I rarely have to wait at all. Highly recommended!

~Joe O. (June 2018)

Dr Alrez and her entire staff are kind, compassionate, welcoming, and excellent at what they do. My son and I have only ever had wonderful experiences at our visits. I highly recommended this office.

~Jenny W. (May 2018)

Throughout every dentist I’ve been to, Dr. Alrez has been my favorite. Everyone in the office is always so consistently kind, friendly, open, and I always look forward to going – which is a lot to say for a dentist appointment! Dr. Alrez and her team quickly made me feel like family and my time there is always incredible. Thank you for all your hard work and amazing service!! 🙂

~Alycia W. (April 2018)

I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Alrez through a mutual friend. While working with Dr Alrez and her amazing team, I was constantly blown away by everyone’s commitment to quality dentistry and patient care. I trust Dr. Alrez with my family’s dental care, and I am now proud to call her my dentist as well.

~V F. (March 2018)

I typically enjoy a visit to the dentist as much as my dog loved going to the vet (thanks Army dentists), but Alrez Family Dentistry has helped shaped prior experiences into something positive. The staff is friendly and welcoming. Dr. Alrez is caring, competent, and gentle. The staff is lovely, efficient, and friendly. I’ve lived in over nine states, and had more than one dentist, and she is one of the best.

~Lawrence O. (March 2018)

Everyone at Alrez Family Dentistry is a FAMILY! They are a wonderful practice knowledgeable, patient, professional, and very personal. I have to admit this is the only dentistry I will ever go to no matter how far away I have to travel! Best service, and results. I trust Dr. Alrez and her practice beyond what words could describe!

~Arianna D. (February 2018)

The technology was incredible. A wonderful balance of world-class technology, customer services, tried-and-true techniques, and personal and professional interaction.

~Ben A. (February 2018)

What a great Practice. Dr. Alrez was very informative and explained to me what work I need to have done on my teeth. While she was working on my teeth, she explained to me step by step what she was doing. She spent an enormous amount of time with me. She is very caring, has a great personality and a great sense of humor. The staff that works along with her are absolutely awesome. They are all so accommodating and are extremely nice and very patient. They all work so well together. It was a most pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Dr. Alrez

~Joan P. (February 2018)

Amazing not only with adults but with kids! My daughter has been seeing Dr. Alrez since she was 8. Her whole office is professional and caring. We love this dentist!

~Maria S. (February 2018)

I never thought I could enjoy going to the dentist until I met Haddy and the rest of the team at Alrez Family Dentistry! The staff is super friendly and Haddy always takes the time to explain any concerns. If you really hate going to the dentist, this a place that will make you feel comfortable throughout your entire visit.

~Brittany B. (December 2017)

Dr. Alrez and her staff are amazing! They prioritize patient comfort and fantastic dentistry. I recommended all my friends go to her. You can’t beat a great and reliable dentist!

~Lillian F. (December 2017)

This is an excellent dental practice. I’m awful at dealing with dental work, and they went above and beyond to accommodate and alleviate my concerns. Highly, highly recommended.

~Bill H. (December 2017)

Growing up I had never been a fan of going to the dentist. It usually meant pain and ridicule of my lack of flossing! But the past 7 years of going to Dr. Alrez’s, I have not thought that once. Natasha and the whole team there is so friendly and good at what they do. They get you in and out and I do enjoy seeing them every visit. They always remember something about me that has been going on–I can’t say anything bad. Go get your teeth cleaned at Dr. Alrez’s. You’ll be happy you did!

~Andrew S. (November 2017)

For several years I’ve had the good fortune to be treated by the superb dentist Dr. Alrez. Dr. Alrez and her fine staff exhibit professionalism, knowledge, care, patience, and good humor. I couldn’t be more satisfied!

~Paul S. (November 2017)

Made an appointment based on the recommendation of a coworker, and no regrets with choosing this office. The staff is friendly and explains everything. The emphasis on preventative care is great, and looking forward to my next appointment.

~Joseph I. (November 2017)

I have been seeing Dr Alrez and team for the last 4 years and have been extremely pleased with the experience. Going to the dentist is never fun for anyone, however; somehow the team makes it fun and enjoyable! I love seeing Natasha and visiting with the team, they are all extremely knowledgeable and create a comfortable and calming environment. Fantastic team and experience. Would highly recommend for anyone who doesn’t like going to the dentist 🙂

~Stephanie C. (November 2017)

We’ve been coming here for years. Dr. Alrez is awesome. Very professional and personable as is her staff. Highly recommend!

~Jeff N. (November 2017)

I drive from West Philly to see Dr. Alrez. Both she & her staff are absolutely without equal. Professional, empathetic and so very kind. Going to the dentist can be extremely stressful–I truly appreciate Doctor A. and Natasha’s gentle approach. And the work they do is great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thank you all!

~TJ L. (October 2017)

I have extreme anxiety about dentists and they are so great in dealing with that–in addition to the great staff and Dr. Alrez! I highly recommend even if you don’t have anxiety issues, and especially if you do.

~K.M. (October 2017)

Dr. Alrez is extremely knowledgable, thoughtful, and professional. The hygienists and office personnel are top notch, too. Our entire family, kids included, receive all of our dental care from Alrez Family Dentistry. Excellent care all around!!! Cannot say enough good things, we will never go anywhere else.

~Jill N. (October 2017)

After moving here I had the chore of finding the right dentist for me. I am absolutely petrified of the dentist! Finding Dr. Alrez & her staff makes my visits almost enjoyable–she and her staff are both friendly & informative. I am so happy with all of the work I’ve had done as well. Thanks ladies!

~Jennifer G. (September 2017)

Today, I met with Dr. Alrez and her amazing staff. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the compassion and the way I was treated. It was my first visit to this office. I surely did not feel rushed in any way, they took their time explaining what was to be done and for the future….I have finally found a great dentist close to my home….Thank you

~Laurie K. (August 2017)

Always a pleasure dealing with Dr. Alrez and her staff – whether a minor or major consultation. She cares about her patients and their dental care. I’ve been a patient for years now after having gone a period with no professional dental care. She got me back to good health and took care of my overdue treatments. I heartily recommend her and her team. I even got my son to join an in-house plan – and he hates going to the dentist. You even get a cookie when you leave the office!

~Paul C. (July 2017)

My first encounter with Dr. Alrez and her staff was about 3 years ago. After years of neglect, my teeth were a mess. She assured me that she would be able “save” my teeth but it would take time. I put my trust in her and found that she was accurate in her assessment. She and her staff laid out all the procedures ahead of time and I knew exactly what to expect. Services and procedures were done with utmost professionalism and care. Everything was done to make me feel comfortable during procedures. Dr. Alrez makes it a point to be available to her patients in the event there are any questions or problems that may develop and always assists with the correct solution.

I am happy to say today that my teeth are in great shape and with continued visits will remain that way. Most recently Dr. Alrez provided me the means to bring back my smile. My teeth were yellow and with her help I completed a whitening process, which after a few weeks allowed me to smile again.

I was lucky to have found Dr. Alrez’s Family Dentistry. The staff is top notch and beyond excellent. For me, there is no other dentist. Thank you again for returning my smile.

~Peter A. (June 2017)

I use to hate going to the dentist. That was until I found Dr. Alrez. I have seen many dentists and always been uncomfortable especially with getting cavities filled. Dr. Alrez made the process of getting fillings more than comfortable! She made sure throughout the whole process I did not feel any pain. She went above and beyond to make sure that the job was done right and that I was comfortable in the process! She explained everything before the procedure and made sure I understood everything! I suggest Dr. Alrez to everyone and anyone! She is truly the best!

~Angela M. (June 2017)

I called in the am about a problem with pain and discomfort I had experienced overnight. The office immediately scheduled an appointment for me in the afternoon. After a through examination, I was referred to a specialist. Their office called the specialist and got me an appointment the next day. Everyone at this office provides a caring and professional experience. Highly recommended. Dr. Alrez has provided care for myself and my wife for many years.

~John G. (June 2017)

As a Professional Truck Driver, I get to be in a different place almost every day! Well, a few days ago I had an issue with a tooth!! Terrible for us truck drivers. Got on Google, and the first dentist office around was Dr.Alrez Family Dentistry. Ever since I got on the phone the experience was unique: the person who answered the phone was professional, friendly, and easy to get along with. In less than an Hour, Dr. Alrez was taking care of my issue. She was outstanding: very professional, knowledgeable, and very kind. Made me feel at home. Oh, and her assistant: wow.. I live in North Carolina, and got such a great experience with their treatment, care, and kindness that I am thinking of having Dr. Akrez & her professional staff as my family’s dentist.

I thank God for such a great experience, since, as a truck driver, I am always on the run and never know what kind of people, or dentists, I’m going to bump into. Again: THANKS, THANKS, THANKS DR. ALREZ. You made my day

~Gaston N. (May 2017)

My Husband and I have been with Alrez Family Dentistry from the beginning and could not be happier! Dr. Alrez and her wonderful staff always make sure that we are comfortable and provide outstanding service.

I do and my partner does. We both actually LOVE going to the dentist. I know it’s almost unheard of, something like an oxymoron but that’s because you haven’t been to Alrez Family Dentistry where you get laughs, comforting treatment, professionalism and care… you also get confidence knowing that your mouth is in good hands. I travel over 25 minutes to come to Dr. Alrez – it’s not the distance, its the service that matters. Thank you!

~Sabine R. (April 2017)

After a thorough consultation, I am very pleased. Dr. Alrez took her time to go into great detail about my teeth and addressed all my questions/concerns, including costs and insurance. Quality of care and suggestions for future work/care are impressive. I was happy my friend recommended me and I’ll be happy to recommend Alrez Family Dentistry as well. Natasha and Ashley were very nice as well.

~Bonnie D. (April 2017)

Dr Alrez is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She is friendly and really cares about her patients.

Finally, my teeth look great, I’m not embarrassed to smile now. The staff is friendly and dental cleanings are comfortable and very well done. If you live in the area of Brinton Lake in PA, this is the dental office for you.

~Carolyn B. (April 2017)

As always we like the friendliness and professional care we receive when we come.

~William D. (March 2017)

Friendly, professional and precise!!!! Such a happy place! The entire office staff really cares and works hard to make sure that each patient receives the best professional care! We were lucky to find Dr. Alrez.

~Bill D. (January 2017)

Were it not for Dr Alrez’s office, I would not be seeing a dentist. I am the SQUIRMIEST COWARD in the history of Dentistry. Dr. Alrez and her team of professionals give me the most gentle treatments while being both completely thorough and comprehensive in their care. I AM SO GRATEFUL TO THEM!

~Sandy B. (January 2017)

We needed a new dentist last year after our lifelong dentist sold his practice. We found Dr. Alrez through friends who are patients. Dr. Alrez is one of those people you just like immediately – she is so nice, warm, caring and funny. I love her commentary while she works and we discovered a mutual love of travel. The staff is incredible and so great at what they all do. We found ( and are keeping ) this excellent dentist and her team and feel beyond fortunate to have found them!

~Lynne L. (December 2016)

Nothing is fun about going to the dentist but Dr Alrez and her quality staff make it an enjoyable time. They take their time and explain every step of the procedure. And their equipment is high tech. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Alrez and her staff. You will not only have a dentist who actually cares but you will also make friends.

~Bob T. (November 2016)

Very friendly, professional, compassionate, just overall a wonderful place, with wonderful people, who truly care about your well being.

~Kateria F. (October 2016)

Best ever – Dr. Alrez and her team truly care about the patient, use the latest technology to provide wonderful, thorough care, and are great in every respect.  I have had a lot of dental work, none even remotely on par with the care I receive here.  I love that Dr. Alrez completely explains what and why of everything she does.  Highly recommend!

~Linda S. (October 2016)

My son got 3 cavities filled today. He is 8 years old and this was his first experience with cavities. Dr Alrez was amazing with my son. He came out smiling. I am a client forever.

~Jackie M. (September 2016)

Somehow Dr. Alrez and her staff has managed to make a dentist appointment, feel more like a spa appointment. All the ladies are super friendly and make you feel like an old friend. Everything that’s being done gets thoroughly explained a head of time. And the patients comfort is clearly, number one priority. In a perfect world, every doctors office would be like Dr. Alrez office. I’m looking forward to my next appointment and would recommend you to anyone! Love you Ladies!

~Nettie P. (September 2016)

Everything was great. I love everyone here Dr. Alrez and the whole office took good care of me and despite my dental difficulties, we all laughed a lot. What’s more to say?

~Anna M. (August 2016)

Dr. Alrez is a very good dentist but she is also a kind, caring and warm person and a pleasure to know. I would recommend her practice to everyone. Her staff is also super nice and her hygienist is awesome. I had two fillings replaced and she told me to call her if I had any problems, issues or even questions. Now, how many dentists or doctors do you know tell their patients this and mean it!

~Tina L. (July 2016)

This is my first time back to a dentist in 10 years. I have a phobia for dentists from a very young age. I went to Dr. Alrez and she and her office made me feel very comfortable during my visits. I would highly recommend Dr Alrez for an entire family’s dental needs.

~Richard D. (May 2016)

Dr. Alrez is very friendly, honest and professional. We are extremely happy with her level of care and attention to detail when it comes to our teeth as a family. Highly recommend to families with kids especially, the whole staff takes extra care to make sure kids are comfortable and leave with positive experience. My son is so excited to go back everytime!

~Jessica S. (May 2016)

Dr Alrez is the best dentist I’ve ever had. She is friendly and really cares about her patients. Finally, my teeth look great, I’m not embarrassed to smile now.
The staff is friendly and dental cleanings are comfortable and very well done. If you live in the area of Brinton Lake in PA, this is the dental office for you.

~Carolyn T. (April 2016)

I heard about tooth fairies, now I meet them regularly and they take care of my teeth and health.

~Rushi K. (April 2016)

Love Dr Alrez! My family has been seeing her for years! Everyone in the office is very kind and Dr. Alrez is very caring and compassionate and always goes the extra mile. She takes the time to talk with you about any concerns and you never feel rushed.

~Traci M. (March 2016)

The whole office from reception, hygienist, dentist are awesome;) we are new to the area and decided to try it out.. Our whole family will be coming here now. Very down to earth group !

~Jessica S. (March 2016)

Hands down the best dentist office I’ve been to. The staff and Dr. Alrez are so friendly and helpful. Dr. Alrez actually showed me pictures of my teeth up close, of course I see them everyday in the mirror, but these were up close images and she went through and explained everything in my treatment plan picture by picture. The atmosphere is so welcoming there are even massage dental chairs!! I cannot wait to go back in 6 months to get my next cleaning!

~Jamie B. (March 2016)

I haven’t been to the dentist in….. Years!!!
I was scared and embarrassed to the point of tears. Dr Alrez and her staff made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked into the office. Dr. Alrez took time to explain every procedure was EXTREMELY sensitive to my concerns and gentle with the treatment. Looking forward to a better and healthier smile.

~Marlene C. (February 2016)

This is a very friendly and personal office with services delivered by highly skilled staff. No hassle appointments, accommodating to work schedules and have your best interests in mind.

~Ron C. (February 2016)

Staff was very friendly and helpful. they gave a personal and professional attitude taking care of you. Dr alrez was the best in her profession that I have met. she put me at ease and made me feel very confident that I was getting the best professional care she could provide. Visiting the dentist was in short “a pleasure”.

~Charles S. (January 2016)

Dr. Alrez and Natasha were great. They spent alot of time going over a plan and making me feel comfortable. I would recommend this office to anyone who has a dental fear. Very calming.

~Anne G. (January 2016)

Everyone at the office is so friendly and courteous. We did not have to wait so the appointment was quick and thorough. We certainly would refer the practice to anyone who asks about a dentist.

~Cheryl D. (July 2015)

What a relief to have found an awesome dentist along with the friendly staff at Alrez Dentistry! We are so appreciative of their kind and patient care to our 7 yr old who was a little scared to get her fillings. From the heated massage chair to the thorough explanation to her from beginning to end of her visit. She was talked to and treated with respect and kindness from the moment she sat in the chair. It’s been a pleasure to meet the coolest dentist ever! I would refer everyone to this office for their dentistry needs. No doubt.

~Sue L. (July 2015)

My visit to Alrez Family Dentistry was awesome! I’m not a huge fan of going to the dentist. In fact, I pretty much dread the day as it approaches. But after going to Dr. Alrez, that has completely changed. I went to Dr. Alrez to have her look at some discoloration on my front two teeth. For years, I had been told that the color could not be fixed. Of course, within a few minutes, Dr.Alrez & Natasha magically made my front teeth white, to better match the rest of my teeth. For anyone out there who has a similar discoloration problem or who just needs a new dentist, I recommend going to this office. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful. Kathy will help you with any of your scheduling. And, you’ll leave with a delicious cookie & a confident smile. Plus, the office is in a great location…I live in Wilmington, so it was just a short drive up 202 and the office is right off Route 1.

~Brittany B., Wilmington (July 2015)

Dr Alrez and her staff is the best dentist office I have even been at in my life!!!!!!! I never thought there was a dentist who was this professional yet has a top notch personality. She is very intelligent and her staff is fantastic. I no longer need to spend years seeking a place to finally fix my bad teeth, THIS IS IT!!!!!!!! Thank you for making my experience such a great one. I guarantee you, once you go here you will never need another dentist office. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

~Karen A. (June 2015)

The most dedicated and friendliest professionals I have seen in a long time. No one is unimportant. Just a wonderful place to get all your dental needs.

~Kathleen Z. (February 2015)

Work on a pretty big cavity was painless and efficient. Dr. Alrez is very entertaining, providing a play by play of the dental action. Looking forward to going back for a guard against grinding my teeth at night.

~Woodrow A., Philadelphia (December 2014)

My entire family is under the care of Alrez Family Dentistry. Dr. Alrez is by far the best dentist I have ever had. She has the latest in technology and focuses on educating her patients (in a loving way). My 8-year-old and 5-year-old absolutely love her and actually like going to the dentist. Natasha is funny and kind and takes great care of us. I highly recommend Alrez Family Dentistry to anyone who is looking for a dentist or who is even the slightest bit unhappy with their current dentist.

~Erin L. (October 2014)

Another great visit at the areas best Dental Practice !!! After avoiding & neglected my teeth for years … I have found a dedicated staff & Dentist that are completely caring , competent & qualified to ensure my health and teach me the nuances to future self treatment. The entire practice is well staffed & professional while also being engagingly and making each visit enjoyable ! A smile & laugh each visit makes me more dedicated to a better smile & healthier life , thanks AFD !

~Ric W., Wilmington (July 2014)