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Take a look at some of these patient testimonials. We strive for 5-star service, and we would love to hear about your recent visit.

Marisa Kilman
19:10 09 Apr 24
Dr Alrez and her staff are amazing! Warm, friendly, patient....they really care about their patients. I actually enjoy going to the dentist! Highly recommend.
Talya Exler
15:34 17 Mar 24
I have never been excited to go to a dentist before coming here. They are very gentle and make going to the dentist as calm as possible. Everyone who works here is so kind and helpful. I drove 2 hours for a cleaning, and will continue to do so. I highly recommend!
Gary J Barnes
14:34 08 Mar 24
Just completed my Invisalign treatment and I’m waiting for the retainers. I must say that I was skeptical that it would work but I kept the faith in Dr. Alrez and the results are fantastic. I am so happy that I hung in and followed the instructions from her and her team. And what a “team” she has….they lost an assistant before my treatment was over but the other assistants stepped up like a true team and did whatever it took to continue providing exceptional service. Finally, I was concerned that my new smile would not be complete due to discoloration of my teeth. Well, they took care of that too. The whitening process is now in full swing. So thankful for the entire staff at Alrez Dentistry and especially Dr. Haddy Alrez. Recommend them to all skeptics.
Katie Irizarry
17:23 22 Feb 24
I couldn’t of found a better dentist! Dr Alrez made me feel so comfortable,I’ve always have been very self conscious about my teeth, and she couldn’t of made me feel any better about my situation! She explains everything, she is very thoroug,and she makes herself available for any problems that may occur,Her staff is amazing, you can feel all the positive energy that is in a room with them all working together! They are all so compassionate and kind! So grateful to have found this dentist!!
ABC Academy
13:31 29 Jan 24
Wonderful friendly staff!
Carson Goldsborough
18:01 28 Jan 24
13:47 24 Jan 24
Been going here for years and absolutely love them! Best dentist I've ever had!
Tim Comers
12:56 03 Jan 24
Very quick, clean, and makes coming in fun. All staff are nice and super easy to talk to.
Marcelle Phipps
12:16 10 Oct 23
This place is a smile maker and a confidence builder. I had a discolored front tooth for years and I wanted it fixed, I googled the nearest dentist with the best ratings and I chose Alrez. Trust and believe I didn't make a mistake on my choice because Dr Alrez and her team won't let u out until that beautiful smile is restored. They are very friendly and patient and I am so happy with my results. Thank you the Alrez family!!!!!
Betsy Niederer
13:48 04 Oct 23
Dr. Alrez is wonderful! She's like your mom, making sure you you get painlessly taken care of. She understands dental anxiety and has nitrous for the nervous (like me). The staff is great! They also have cookies. Highly recommend!
kathleen chominski
18:34 19 Sep 23
I love this office and the attitude of everyone who works here. Dr. Alrez has such patience and compassion!
Everyone is so nice. I absolutely love coming to this dental office. My daughter and I are very pleased and will be coming here for a very long time.
Chuck Ditzel
14:37 15 Aug 23
My wife and I were recently treated by Dr.Alrez, Natasha, and Whitney. They were OUTSTANDING ! I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for a group of professionals who genuinely care about their patients.
Matt Kolod
11:47 09 Aug 23
Kind and generous people. Needed to get invisalign and had a great experience with the Alrez family!
tony dang
11:44 08 Aug 23
Great jobs, keep it up. Thank you very much.
Alicia Travis
15:40 07 Aug 23
My entire family comes to see Dr. Alrez and we all love her and her wonderful staff! She is kind and patient with my young children and has a wonderful bedside manner! I can recommend Alrez Family Dental wholeheartedly!
Leya Nabi
22:10 28 Jul 23
Great experience! Alrez dentistry is a great option if you’re looking for improvement/progress, comfortability, and efficiency. The office is very clean, everyone is friendly, and they do an amazing job! I’m currently in my Invisalign process and the outcome so far is amazing.
Bee Bormuth
15:54 27 Jul 23
Best Dentist I’ve ever been to. Everyone is very nice and helpful and there is a very nice atmosphere
Thomas Schenk
14:15 26 Jul 23
Dr. Alrez and her team are amazing! Professional and welcoming at the same time.
Jane Strickland
11:35 26 Jul 23
The best dental care I've ever experienced from the friendliest staff. It's actually a pleasure to get to the dentist at AlrezFD.
Dana Ferry
19:08 25 Jul 23
Look no further, the team at Alrez should be everyone’s Dentist. Best dental experience you could ask for. They are gentle, kind, and so so down to earth. They make going to the dentist actually feel like you’re visiting friends! I will also note the office is clean, decorated, and very well taken care of! I had to have a small cavity taken care of which generally should be an easy visit. However, I had a bad experience at a previous dentist. Dr. Alrez and Natasha made my appointment easy and pain free from start to finish. I couldn’t believe it. My husband is also a patient here and we are so happy to have found a dentist that makes us feel so comfortable. Thank you guys!
Jack Grossman
16:58 18 Jul 23
carole Kunigonis
15:11 18 Jul 23
Danya Khan
14:53 18 Jul 23
H Downey
12:23 18 Jul 23
Wonderful staff and overall great care!
Emma Downey
11:42 18 Jul 23
Jessica Shah
17:29 17 Jul 23
Always pleasure coming to this.. I have had many dentists in my lifetime and this office Dr.Alrez and all the staff are excellent! Highly recommend
Jessica W
15:57 10 Jul 23
Amazing service from them always! I moved an hour and a half away 2 years ago and still travel to come to Alrez that’s how much I like them! Highly recommend!
Roann Valbrum
14:29 30 May 23
Great Service and great staff. My husband recommended ALrez Dentistry for a while . I regret not going sooner.
Keith Moyer
19:19 18 May 23
The absolute best dental experience I’ve ever had. Also the greatest staff I’ve ever experienced .. the communication is on point, everyone goes out of their way to help and accommodate you. Dr Alrez has the coolest “chairside” manner of anyone and again I can’t say enough about the rest of the Alrez Family Dentistry group. They all make it so comfortable in every way … lighthearted and fun as well. Best of all .. never any pain! Plus I get a cookie omnomnom. Highly recommend this office.
Dennis McDermott
12:39 01 May 23
I highly recommend Alrez Family Dentistry! Not being a fan of having dental work done at all I always avoided the dentist visits. But since my first visit here years ago the entire team has made me feel comfortable and taken care of. Great people who do excellent work!
Stephen Castellano
12:37 26 Apr 23
11:58 20 Apr 23
Wonderful crew and pleasant experience.
james lee
11:53 19 Apr 23
Great service and communication. My go to dentist!
Jon Davis
14:23 13 Apr 23
16:42 11 Apr 23
Great dentist! Love everybody who works there!
eric Compton
11:44 11 Apr 23
Great practice. Want to get to know you personally. Diligent follow ups
Melissa Furman
15:23 04 Apr 23
Best dentist ever!!
Alex Simko
15:28 29 Mar 23
Best experience you could ask for from a dentist office! From cleanings to fillings to Invisalign treatment, Dr. Alrez and her team have made every visit easy and comfortable. Even after moving farther away, I happily make the drive to this office because I can’t imagine going anywhere else.
Lori and Jack Louthan
12:15 29 Mar 23
Great service and very professional.
Glenn Cocks
11:58 29 Mar 23
Amazing staff!!!
Nadia Khayat
14:09 28 Mar 23
Dr Alrez is the best!
Michael Eagle
18:41 27 Mar 23
Sam Sussman
13:02 27 Mar 23
Dr. Alrez is professional and easy going!! Highly recommend!
catalina carvajal
18:46 16 Mar 23
Dr.Alrez and her team have been amazing since I’ve started going to her office. Service is always incredibly friendly and relaxing! Very happy with routine visits and Invisalign treatment.
Emily Vachris
11:47 16 Mar 23
Emily DeVuono
19:01 09 Mar 23
Always a great experience! Friendly staff that explains everything in detail to keep you informed.
Nicole Sussman
13:36 09 Mar 23
My husband and I have been going to Dr. Alrez for around 5-6 years and love her! She and her staff are so personable. They make the visits quick and painless while making you feel like part of their work family! My daughter who is 3 just went for the first time and did wonderful. She has a prize box for the kids to pick from and cookies on your way out. Highly recommend Dr. Alrez!
William Wallace
21:16 08 Mar 23
Dr Alrez and her staff were very professional, informative with all the procedures that I need to get my smile where I want it to be...Im pleased with my decision to make her my dental physician.
Melinda South
19:47 07 Mar 23
A wonderful dental practice! Everyone is so friendly and kind. They go the extra mile to make sure our family is comfortable and confident in our dental care.
Melissa Gramo
20:07 06 Mar 23
Love love love this practice!!! Very personalized, detailed care. Dr Alrez and her staff are top-notch!!!
Jacqueline Mraz
19:11 06 Mar 23
Perfect as always!
Crystal Jones
18:57 06 Mar 23
I absolutely love, Dr. Alrez and her staff! They make going to the dentist so easy and enjoyable that even my 9 year old daughter leaves happy. I would highly recommend this office!
Dr.Alrez is the best dentist I have ever had, and she’s been taking care of my family for the past 5 years. Her office is top notch - professional, technically innovative, and welcoming!
Theresa Fieo
14:18 02 Mar 23
Alrez Denistry has been the best experience for dentistry that I’ve had. I have always had some anxiety surrounding the dentist and even avoided it in my adult years, but this place makes your feel safe, comfortable and I am on a schedule and sticking to it. All staff have fantastic personalities and professionalism. I would recommend this Dentistry to all!
William Davis
18:46 28 Feb 23
Everyone is so friendly and caring. The dentistry is A-1.
Eleanor Wilson
12:11 27 Feb 23
I broke a tooth one evening and called Dr. Alrez's number. She called me back in a few minutes and instructed me what to do. Then she made an appointment for the next day even though it was not going to be regular office hours. She and her staff are so caring and easy to talk to. Dr. Alrez is an excellent dentist. I have every confidence in her and her staff. It is always fun to be there with them. I am always glad to have been in their company. The dentist that I had before was not nearly as capable as Dr. Alrez.
17:11 21 Feb 23
Great and helpful staff! Dr. Alrez was very thorough and informative!
Sophia Severson
20:13 20 Feb 23
Rob Sowersby
14:06 09 Feb 23
I broke off a part of a tooth. Today, after a fair amount of work, I have a temporary crown. Back in 2 1/2 weeks for the permanent crown. Was made to feel comfortable through the procedure. Well done!
14:29 01 Feb 23
I can't say enough about the excellent service that Dr. Alrez and her team provide. This is by far the best dental experience I have ever had. I had been unhappy with my previous Dentist for years, but a change in insurance prompted me to finally find a new one. Upon starting with Dr. Alrez I knew it was going to be different. You feel so welcomed and listened too. Dr. Alrez herself is incredibly warm, personable and patient and treats you like a longtime friend. She is so easy to work with and surrounds herself with like minded staff. In addition, she has all the latest technology, so you get a thorough look into the workings of your mouth/teeth. She identified issues with my teeth/gums that my previous Dentist would harp on but didn't do anything to address other than to try to push root canals on me. Dr. Alrez took a lot of time to discuss and show me my dental issues and identified the best treatment options. Since starting with the treatment plan, my mouth/teeth issues have significantly improved. At Dr. Alrez's practice, they address my concerns and adapt accordingly to my needs. My teeth look amazing and my mouth feels better and healthier than ever. I always recommend Dr. Alrez's practice to anyone looking for a Dentist.
Denise Lewis
14:53 26 Jan 23
Just got my Invisaligns in and I was feeling very anxious. The ladies helped me relax and feel better. Absolutely love the staff.
Brian Nelson
22:28 18 Jan 23
Dr. Alrez and her team always do a great job. Always a pleasant experience.
Marianna Akulova
02:14 13 Jan 23
Sarah Braun
01:14 06 Jan 23
I went to Dr. Alrez for the first time in the beginning of December. Best dental experience I have ever had in my many years going to the dentist. Her staff is friendly and gentle and Dr. Alrez is gentle and so professional. I had my teeth cleaned, cavity filled and a crown made. All done in one month. The Best!
Jay Mateo
19:41 06 Dec 22
Really friendly and efficient professionals plus a clean and modern facility. Easy to get to and plenty of parking. I am so glad I chose this place!
17:31 28 Nov 22
Awesome dentistry! Got Invisalign done here and had no issues!
Natalie Kraynik
17:25 28 Nov 22
Finished up my invisalign and so happy with everything! Dr. Alrez wants perfection and that’s what I got! Her assistant Cindy was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions. I will always rave about this dentist office and send my friends to see her!
03:28 18 Nov 22
I had a cavity filled today. It was a smooth process. They made sure I was feeling comfortable throughout the procedure. Would highly recommend if you’re in search of a great dentist office.
Karen S
17:39 09 Nov 22
I had a small chip in my front tooth for a number of years. I always wanted something other than to file it down, to be done to fix it. I am so thrilled with the bonding they used to fit it. A Beautiful job was done. I am so pleased. What a thrill to have such a knowledgeable and kind dentist! I am comfortable and carefree with the dentist and staff. They are the best!
Patrick Farley
23:35 10 Oct 22
Michele Barbaccio
00:34 30 Sep 22
Another great visit with Dr. Alrez and her staff for my regular cleaning. I am always impressed with the great teamwork and that they are always on top of the latest technology. The team treats you like family and always makes sure you are so well cared for every time! They take it to 11!
Peter H.
19:48 21 Sep 22
I'm glad I was recommended to Alrez Family Dentistry by my sister and mom. I've been going for the past couple of years and had a wonderful experience every visit. They are very prompt so you are in the waiting room for only a few seconds. The place is always spotless.
Connie Titchenell
21:18 19 Sep 22
💗 Love 💗 Love Dr. Alrez and her staff. Had a crown put in today . They make you feel comfortable and stress free😊 Awesome Dentist!!
Maureen Martin
17:35 19 Sep 22
Alrez Family Dentistry was recommended to me from a friend and I could not be happier with the recommendation. The staff are very accommodating and friendly and scheduling a visit is so easy. They are my by far my favorite dentist officer over the years.
Rob Heckman
19:45 15 Sep 22
Dylan Rudisill (US)
19:54 14 Sep 22
Dr. Alrez and the whole team have been amazing since I switched over to them a year and a half ago. They helped identify issues I was having that my previous dentist was not bringing to my attention and they are always willing to explain and educate their patients on the necessary steps to achieve optimal oral health.
Amr Salam
18:24 13 Sep 22
Dr Alrez and her staff are friendly & professional. They make you feel comfortable, explain everything, their equipment is state of the art ... I recommend highly !!!!
Bob T
14:41 01 Sep 22
I had some dental work done today with Dr Alrez and her excellent staff. The trip to the dentist is never pleasant BUT the trip to Dr Alrez and her group make it a tolerable and pleasant visit. They make you feel comfortable, explain everything, their equipment is state of the art, professional and thorough. My familie's choice for dental care. Recommend highly !!!!
David Oslin
00:00 25 Aug 22
Michael Nace
15:51 28 Jul 22
Fausto Castro
20:42 05 Jul 22
All the staff is friendly and very professional. They make you feel important, they really care about your satisfaction.
Big Mac
13:34 02 Jul 22
Alrez dentistry was amazing!!! Very mindful of their work to make the visit a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend
Meghan Maxwell
21:07 23 Jun 22
I have been to many dentists over the years, Dr. Alrez and the rest of the staff have changed my views on dentists forever. I was recommended to go there by a close friend after feeling discouraged and made to feel unimportant to my previous dentist. My friend raved about how amazing the office is and how I should try them out. I made an appointment for a cleaning and have never looked back. I travel about 40 minutes to go to her and it is worth every minute. Dr. Alrez and her staff go out of the way to make you feel comfortable and even remember you when you visit again. You are not just a number to them but become part of their office family.
Bridget Callahan
13:45 17 Jun 22
I could not be happier with the Alrez family dentistry. They have made me want to smile again with my teeth showing. I am in the middle of getting invisalign and couldn't be happier with my results so far. They have been the most honesty and friendliest dentist i have ever been too. They truly care about their patients and want to help them.
Sandy Schmid
22:59 23 May 22
I love this dentist! I would recommend to anyone.
Cecelia Cronk
15:18 03 May 22
Anne Luttrell
18:22 28 Apr 22
Charles McFadden
23:38 18 Apr 22
Bethanne Seufert
00:40 06 Apr 22
Thorough, professional, and pleasant.
Stephanie A.
19:41 21 Mar 22
Excellent care and superior patient experience. Highly recommend Dr. Alrez and staff.
21:25 24 Feb 22
Repaired chip tooth plus the opposing tooth at a very reasonable cost & on 2 hours notice.
Kim Sullivan
00:38 16 Feb 22
tim graeve
05:00 08 Feb 22
I love going to DR. Alrez, she does an amazing job and i have so much fun when I go there. I feel it is a great place to go to get dental work done, friendly atmosphere and staff, and even accommodating to those fearful of dentist work. Highly recommend Dr. Alrez and staff!
Kevin Law
18:29 07 Feb 22
I chipped my front tooth pretty bad. They had me in and fixed up better than it was before.
Anita Louie
21:39 03 Feb 22
I have gone to Dr. Alrez for a long time. I follow her from their old office. Now I have moved away an hour away. I don’t want to switch to any doctor.It is worth the drive. Dr. Alrez is very knowledgeable and the team is outstandingly professional. Dr. Alrez, thank you for taking care of all my dental needs, Thank you.
Laurie Kamper
21:36 03 Feb 22
Called Dt Alrez office this morning had an emergency and to much suprise Kara answered the phone. Wow was I shocked to hear a live person answer the phone. Got in at 7 a.m. when Dr. Alvrez arrived. Thanks for taking the time to check me out. The best Family Dentist office in Glen Mills. Thanks everyone for your kindness and concerns!
Kaitlin Maloney
17:01 01 Feb 22
Dr. Alrez and her team are incredible! The entire team is warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. Dr. Alrez always makes me feel like I'm her only patient and walks me through each step of any cleaning or procedure, which makes me feel involved and supported. I simply cannot recommend Dr. Alrez enough and look forward to being a patient of hers for many years to come!
Rui Zhao
03:02 21 Jan 22
Best best dentist ever, Dr.Alrez and her team are so professional and caring. Highly recommended! Well deserved for 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟
Tessa DiSerafino
16:56 11 Jan 22
Dr. Alrez and her team really have a knack for making you feel comfortable in their office. They are super personable and I can tell they truly want the best for their patients. I am so glad my family and I made the switch to the Alrez Family Dentistry!
Sara Yildirim
18:32 19 Aug 19
I highly recommend coming here for any kind of dental work. The staff and Dr. Alrez are incredibly welcoming and professional. I have never felt so comfortable getting any kind of medical care than I did when I sat in their office. I love it here.
Steve Stephens
12:50 09 May 19
Great staff!

Dr. Alrez is a wonderful conversationalist and I enjoy the visits! (Yes, I enjoy going to the dentist, THIS dentist.)

I highly recommend them! All six of the Stephens are clients!
Lacey McAfee
19:36 30 Jan 19
5 stars! I love Alrez family dentistry! I started going there last year after recommended to her by my sister. Upon arriving, I was welcomed by all of the staff, and fun music to sing along to. Dr. Alrez and all of the staff were all very sweet and worked me through what was going to be done and the areas that I needed to have worked on (hadn’t been to the dentist in a few years since I had been in college and moved across the country). They worked a plan out with me and were so sweet. The greatest thing is, they treat you like friends and family there. I walk in now saying hey to many of the staff that I recognize, and enjoying laughs with the staff and Dr. Alrez. Plus, to top it all of you get a goodie bag and a cookie at the end of your visit! If you want a gentle, and friendly dentist and assistants who do great work, go to Dr. Alrez!
Joeline D'Ottavio
17:10 09 Dec 18
Thank you, thank you , thank You! I can not thank you enough, Dr. Alrez for your help, time, caring heart that you gave to me. You took time away from your family to take care of me. I was scared , in pain and not feeling well and you helped me feel comfortable and overcome my embarrassment an focus on my health , well if anyone has any anxiety and just feel like myself ,Dr.Alrez is such a" good soul", down to earth , person you will just know she cares about you and your health. I recommend Dr.Alrez to anyone who feels anxiety and worried about pain , Dr Alrez is so understanding. When I was getting the work done , before i could say anything she would let me know we are going to numb that !!! Her staff is just as caring and sweet as her. I never liked the "dentist" but I have to say I want to go and prevent what I waited too long to do. To anyone who may read this please don't wait , don't feel ashamed go see the dentist I recommend Dr Alrez but she would even say , just take care of yourself teeth affect so much of our health ,see a caring dentist they are out there!!!
Kaylyn Therese
18:03 20 Jun 18
Absolutely LOVE this dentistry! Dr. Alrez and her staff are second to none. I have been going for almost 8 years now and just took my 3 year old for his first dental appointment and they were WONDERFUL with him. So kind, gentle, and accommodating. Dr. Alrez takes the time to talk with you and takes interest in your life. Highly recommend ❤️
Joe O'Brien
14:46 13 Jun 18
So glad to have found Alrez Family Dentistry! They treat me like family.
Stanley Yau
15:55 08 Feb 18
Sweetest people in the world. They are truly honest and caring
Brittany Barkes
14:33 07 Dec 17
I never thought I could enjoy going to the dentist until I met Haddy and the rest of the team at Alrez Family Dentistry! The staff is super friendly and Haddy always takes the time to explain any concerns. If you really hate going to the dentist, this a place that will make you feel comfortable throughout your entire visit.
Patti Miller Kahlbom
19:33 17 Jun 16
Rushi Keshav
13:42 28 Apr 16
I heard about tooth fairies, now I meet them regularly and they take care of my teeth and health
Doug McCulloch
17:11 14 May 15
Kathleen Zirolli
20:19 27 Feb 15
The most dedicated and friendliest professionals I have seen in a long time. No one is unimportant. Just a wonderful place to get all your dental needs
Ric Winston
05:38 08 Aug 14
Another great visit at the areas best Dental Practice !!! After avoiding & neglected my teeth for years ... I have found a dedicated staff & Dentist that are completely caring , competent & qualified to ensure my health and teach me the nuances to future self treatment. The entire practice is well staffed & professional while also being engagingly and making each visit enjoyable ! A smile & laugh each visit makes me more dedicated to a better smile & healthier life , thanks AFD !
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