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Teeth Grinding Night Guard Treatment

Just Stop Grinding Your Teeth

NIGHTGUARDGrinding and clenching your teeth at night while sleeping is called sleep bruxism and a large percentage of us do it so often we are at risk of jaw disorders, headaches, damaged teeth and other problems. Anxiety, stress or tension, consuming alcohol and caffeinated beverages as well as tobacco products, abnormal alignment of teeth, and sleep problems are just some of the causes.

Can you see why so many of us are affected by this practice? Sadly, it seems as though this condition can go undiagnosed for many years, all the while irreversible damage is done.

Upon examination, dentists look for teeth that are worn down, fractured or chipped. Routinely, we see that the upper and lower teeth will fit together like a piece of a puzzle, an indication that significant wear occurred from bruxism.

Do either you or your sleeping partner make unusual grinding sounds while sleeping? We look for breakdown of dental fillings and crowns, tooth sensitivity, tenderness in facial muscles, popping/clicking jaw joints, ringing in the ears and a few more things.

In many cases, no treatment is necessary. If you are diagnosed with bruxism and the problem is severe enough, we have several treatment options.

An extremely effective therapy is the use of a night guard. We have them lab-made with reliable, safe acrylic material and design them in a way to protect your teeth from further damage and control which and what muscles you use while you are sleeping.

Most become more comfortable after a night’s sleep with a night guard in place and end up relying on it if they notice a reduction in their symptoms.

Het Your Mouth Guard to Prevent Teeth Grinding


Unlike many dentists, Alrez Family Dentistry creates a mouth guard for the bottom teeth instead of the top, which has several advantages. You can also request a top night guard if that is preferred.

Contact us to learn more about how mouth guard therapy can help you. Dr. Alrez is happy to sit down and speak with you about how you can alleviate your teeth grinding and receive a better nights rest.

Learn more about this product on the manufacturer’s website.