Who Doesn’t Want Whiter Teeth?

Statistics show that when we look good we feel good.  It’s amazing how something as simple as whiter teeth can give your confidence a huge boost.  Teeth whitening is a fast and painless procedure, so there’s no need to hide your smile in photos. Get the pearly white smile you’ve always dreamed of with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Using the advanced laser whitening system from BioLase, we can remove stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco, aging and other factors. You can achieve a brighter smile in under one hour at our office! Additionally, BioLase won’t cause tooth sensitivity like some other whitening methods.

Just check out these impressive before and after photos from one of our patients! They were all taken during one visit.

Teeth Whitening Services

At Alrez Family Dentistry we use the safest and most effective laser technology on the market to perform in-office whitening in Glen Mills.  The use of the BioLase laser provides shorter exposure and treatment time when compared to the more commonly known and used method of using an arc lamp for in-office procedures.  Studies even also show we get an 18% better average shade improvement with laser whitening technology.

The BioLase laser whitening system combines a no-heat laser with a specially formulated whitening gel to break apart the compounds that cause tooth discolorations.  And since the gel-to-tooth contact time is significantly reduced (only 20 minutes!) patients can get amazing results fast and without the sensitivity caused by popular lamp-based methods.

Get Whiter Teeth at Home

In addition to laser teeth whitening, our team will design your take-home custom whitening trays.  These trays will allow you to refresh your smile as needed.  You can use them for years down the line for touch-ups or to maintain your bright smile.  We can also provide you with Opalescence, a highly regarded whitening product for home use that is also appealing to the price-conscious.

Thanks to recent scientific advancements, we now have more options when it comes to whitening products and procedures.  The BioLase laser system is a safe, comfortable and effective way to whiten discolored teeth, rejuvenate your smile and revitalize your self-confidence.

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Whitening Packages

Bronze Beaut: Home Whitening Treatment

Bronze Beaut
  • 35% Carbamide Peroxide
  • Our opalescence pf take-home whitening system is a super value for do-it-yourself people. This kit includes custom bleaching trays and provides professional results at home.
  • $229.00

Silver Sparkler: Cosmetic Whitening Treatment

The Bronze Beaut Package plus:

  • In-office laser whitening session with 1 gel application
  • Great value! If you want a whiter, brighter smile fast and affordably. Tooth-gel-contact is less than 15 minutes meaning little or no tooth sensitivity!
  • $595.00
The Silver Sparkler


Gold Gusto: Power Whitening Treatment

The Gold Gusto

The Silver Sparkler Package plus:

  • In-office whitening session with 2-gel applications
  • Fantastic results! Maximize the laser bleaching session with 2-full gel cycles! Tooth-to-gel contact less than 30 minutes.
  • $895.00

Platinum Pride: Ultra Whitening Treatment

The Gold Gusto Package plus:

  • An additional in-office session with 2-gel applications anywhere from one to six months after your last in-office session to accomplish the best whitening!
  • Expect dramatic results!!
  • $1295.00
The Platinum Pride

Schedule Teeth Whitening in Glen Mills, PA

Don’t delay a brighter smile when you can see lasting results in just one visit! Our laser treatment, at home option and affordable whitening packages will transform your smile. Contact us to book your Glen Mills teeth whitening today.