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Vaping and the Effects on Dental Health

Committing to your dental and oral health means more than just a commitment to brushing twice per day. Avoiding harmful substances – like sugar and alcohol – can go a long way to improving teeth and gum health, but there is another, more trendy activity that may be doing a lot more damage than people […]

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September is National Gum Care Month

Has it been a while since you considered your gums? Even our most dedicated patients – the ones that floss daily, brush two times a day for two minutes, and avoid sugar – may not be doing all they can for their gum health. September is National Gum Care Month, and we have the tips […]

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How to Choose a Toothbrush

Whenever you get sick, you should automatically replace your toothbrush! This can help you avoid getting sick – again. You should also replace your toothbrush – at a minimum – every three months, even if you have been healthy. While many people store their toothbrushes with a cap or in a cabinet, bacteria, dust, and […]

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The Harmful Effects of At-Home Aligners

Nothing quite boosts our confidence like a big, beautiful, straight smile. What used to be an expensive or age-defined treatment is now readily available to people of all ages and can be very affordable. In fact, working professionals are excited because they can straighten their teeth discreetly with nearly invisible aligners – like Invisalign. Unfortunately, […]

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Why Does Your Mask Give You Bad Breath?

Bad breath is usually a major hit to your self-confidence, whether someone else pointed it out to you or you caught a random whiff when the wind blew just right, bad breath is never something you want coming out of your mouth. There are a lot of ways to avoid bad breath. For instance, practicing […]

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Reasons to Choose Invisalign Over Metal Braces

If you have been to the dentist recently, you may have discussed braces with your provider. If you are an adult, you may be concerned that getting braces at this point in your life will make you look less professional. You also may have been prevented from getting braces as a child due to financial […]

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Could Wearing a Mask Give You Cavities?

5 Tips for Preventing Cavities You may have noticed some changes now that you are often wearing a mask. Not only may your breath smell different, but we have recently seen an increase in cavities in patients who wear masks for much of the day. Although we stress the importance of wearing a mask at […]

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How To Get Over Dental Fear

Every year, many people avoid the dentist until they feel pain or experience a dental emergency. This can be due to dental anxiety. According to a Harvard study, 24% of people suffer from dental anxiety. To help those struggling with dental anxiety, we created a list of tips and tricks for patients to utilize when […]

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How Does Resin Infiltration Work?

Do you have white spots on your teeth? These white spot lesions happen when the enamel starts to break down, becoming a honeycombed, porous surface. Those pores are filled with air that reflects light differently from the surrounding healthy enamel, leading you to see those unwanted white spots. Unfortunately, teeth whitening products won’t help. More […]

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